We have registered between 4455 properties Hotels, Hostels, Apart Hotels, Apartments, Bedrooms, for Rent in Orla in Rio de Janeiro and to Botafogo, Sta. Teresa.

Each property of these having between one and hundreds of people.

The Cultural Tourism in Rio de Janeiro is unexplored, inept and poorly exercised. No one is interested in dancers and drummers anymore. They are performing more outside Brazil than here.

Our Samba is another. It is the Samba Jazz, unknown on the planet but for those who knows, loves ..

What's missing is someone to act as liaison between “O Jazz & O Samba” and these properties offering “O Jazz & O Samba” as a leisure option, with Instrumental Jazz Samba Jazz and Bossa Nova daily, from 9PM.

With packed house at the Piano Bar (only holds 20 people) every day, we can hire more employees, and improve and expand our services.

This is the goal.

You, interested in Cultural Tourism with good content, can work with us, commissioned by doing this important work which requires preparation, education, preferably that also express in English or French. We will give all the necessary assistance, including regarding the routing and guidance so that we have a job with positive results.

We teach you how to bring tourists arriving by ship and only know how to say a single phrase in Portuguese:

"- I do not want to go to Platform!" (just kidding but it's true).

We are a company that offers EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES.

We help produce the advertising material and labor, which in most cases can be realized through the Internet. Sometimes an interview is required by going to the site or by dialing, in OJOS.

Do you want to be a Cultural bookie's at "O Jazz & O Samba"?

Want to meet nice people in a fertile and very interesting cultural environment?

What we offer you is ample opportunity to earn good money developing a fascinating work and directly linked to good quality culture ..

Discover the delights of Cultural Tourism!

A night full house is unforgettable!

Only depends on you.

And the most important. WE ALWAYS WILL BE HERE. WE WILL NOT BANKRUPT. Isn't it great, that?

We have everything to succed. We will do!

I’m wating for you, just now.

Hugo Braule
Your partner at heart

(21) 31683181