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          The Check-in is at any time provided there is available bed. You can leave your luggage with us and the bed will be available to 12 pm.

Check-out is at 12 pm.

          O Jazz & O Samba not return reservations. To make a reservation "at the door" it is necessary to block the bed at the date purchased lest "overbooking", with fee to the House.

The Breakfast is not included in the daily rate and is served from 8:30 to 11:00 am.

           If you want Breakfast inform the previous day, lunch or dinner at the Cafe, please inform us before noon. We serve homemade food at R $ 17.00 and R $ 12.00.

In attention to other guests, please do not make noise after midnight.

          If you want cold water or room temperature, there is a cooler of mineral water on the 3rd floor.

A 510 ml bottle of sparkling water costs R$ 3.00. A still water bottle costs RS $ 2.50 a can of beer 473 ml R$ 7.50, Coca-Cola can 350ml, RS $ 5.00.

          Snacks, sandwichs are available at Café to 10:00 and until 00:20 on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at the Piano Bar.

Please do not leave water running when you leave - have limited water reserve.

          Please do not leave the electric shower on for more than 10 consecutive minutes. Can burn the resistance or electric shower.

Please return all bed linen and towels provided before they check out.

          The accommodation of the Hostel is restricted guest use. Visits can be received at the Café, in the TV room or on the Terrace. The kitchen is restricted Coffee use.

          If you need the shuttle to the airport, please inform us in advance. Pick him up at the airport costs RS $ 90.00. Also there is the taxi.

The Piano Bar does not have a cover charge or fulfillment for guests. It is according to his will. You pay for what you consume in the Piano Bar.

It is forbidden drug use at any branch of the House

Smoking is only allowed smoking cigarette in Terrace

You may not remove sheets, towels, pillows or any object belonging to the dormitory, bringing them out or use them lying them to the ground. Equipment of the beds, use on the beds, only.

O Jazz O Samba is a Family Hostel.

When Checking in, it is necessary to fill out a Term of Responsibility issuing ID or Passport and Credit Card Number for xerox and agreement that the House is a Family House. We will not tolerate perform any form of impropriety or lack of decency.

The non accomplishment of those terms implies in rupture of contract and cancellation of Reservation, non refundable. Protection Status