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The farce of impeachment

 It is not for " She was accused of financial manipulation in the run-up to the vote, allegedly using funds from state banks to cover shortfalls in the government budget". 

The Constitution only admits a single indictment for banning:  “Crime of Responsability” and it must have been an outrage upon by an "attack" to the Constitution, with deceit, the intention of swipe or causing damage in her own benefit or someone else's.

Besides it must have been done during this present term. 2014 is not the present term. 

Actually you are distorting the facts intentionally, in order to fit guilt for the President, as she is not. This is exactly what the putschists do, and might have told "their" version or even worse than that.

All accusations are a fake and will not succeed. Unless the President of Superior Federal Tribunal, Ricardo Lewandowski, is a participant of the plot, as a great number of their collegiate are.

The difference now is that we have an experient togaed judge chairing the Senate.

He is the 2nd grade instance on Court to all judicial resources, denied by the 1rst instance, which is the Senator President of the Impeachment Commission.

This scenario, a true farce, played by the Coup leaders: media-judiciary/legislative  might be unmasked as the judgement proceeds.

Globo System needs money desperately. They have a 10 bilions law suit, for the bankrupt of Globopar at the USA, and only BNDES has so huge amount of money. 

Globo needs a goverment who is "with them", and Dilma Rousseff is not the case. Protection Status