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Hello Mr. Braule

Hello Mr. Braule,

Sorry We are not a STEINWAY dealer. we are piano factory in China. Do you only need STEINWAY pianos?
Best regards.

Sophia Zha
Shanghai Glory Music Co.,Ltd.
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Hi, Sophie,

I was quoting an Essex Piano EGP 155C and you sent me a quotation for this specific Piano. Are you shitting me?

Let me tell you this. Everything written here is published on my TV network Channel HB_ITVLive!, on internet, and delivered to 30.000 people all over, including politicians, artists, musicians, society people, people who do nothing, authorities, etc...

My expectation about China till now was the best dependable ever.

My government is the first partner in business with the China government.

You quoted an Essex Piano EGP 155C for US$ 3080,00, and I have your e-mail to confirm. I publicised in all our sites while you were trying to sell one of your pianos as being an Essex EGP 155C.

I hope your government do not kill you for what you have done, because I'm sending a copy of this e-mail to the China government.

You think you are smarter than me? Wanna play games with me to see what happen?

I will be waiting for your excuses before doing something.

But, I warn you: never do it again, to a brazilian.

I'm gonna call the responsability to the one who brought you to me.

Hugo Braule

Master of Arts in Piano Perfomance USA Protection Status