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When are you stopping by O Jazz & O Samba?

Today the Piano Bar opens normally, with the novelty of the official opening of the Terrace, that if it does not rain it will be illuminated.
They came to claim it has too light. Very easy. Just off a reflector...
In addition to sandwiches of tuna and egg in butter with cheese (optional tomato + R$ 1.00) and mixed hot (ham and cheese)
We will also have the “natural” carrots with ricotta, very good.
Some people do not know what pepperoni potato vinaigrette is. It is a pickled potato, which leads vinegar, wine, olive oil, garlic, onion, parsley, salt and goes well with drinks. All that is worth in a dependable bar. As here is a fine tract House, we have also.
We still have Minas cheese into cubes with olive oil and oregano.
And toast peanuts with salt, which has good output.

All very cheap and watered by soft good wine, in the glass R$ 9.00.
There are other more expensive wines, of course. And the three caipirinhas. The good old Whisky and beer, including Stella Artois
Let’s appreciate O Jazz & O Samba. It is the House of Jazz, Jazz Samba, Bossa Nova ... and my themes. Here we are creative.
And the piano is in tune.
I do not mind playing until 3: 30h., morning. Then you will see the sun rise in the new Terrace, rs... and can have breakfast up there, then fall the open air shower to cure hangover.
I just do not let the Hostel accommodation opened, I'm not crazy, rs Protection Status